Our clients love us.

Here’s what they’re saying…

“We were seeking a consultant to help us improve our hiring and recruitment processes from a DEI perspective. Dominique’s in-depth analysis of our practices gave us insights that have helped us take a thoughtful approach to how we can decolonize them, and take a more intentional approach to the language we use and the story we are telling the public.” – Chris Duff, Interim Executive Lead

“We hired Fictive Kin Equity Lab to complete a review of our departments practices as they relate to hiring and engagement of people and students from diverse backgrounds. The intent was to understand any bias in hiring and retention activities, and to determine areas of activity that would improve our performance on these metrics.

We are now engaged in a continuous improvement journey on our DEI activities which is helping us to adapt and modify activities and policies.” – Jonathan Hack, Dean, Applied Research and Entrepreneurship Services

“When I accepted a leadership role in D&I, I wanted help to navigate this new frontier of my career. It has been so helpful to work with Fictive Kin in reflection sessions, and as a trusted advisor to the organization as a whole. Dominique has been critical in forming a solid foundation based on professional experience and her understanding of concepts, constructs and best practices in DEI.” – Kevin Garcia, Head of Diversity & Inclusion / IT Director

“When we asked our networks for help with developing a multifaceted EDI strategy for our Office, Dominique / Fictive Kin Equity lab came highly recommended to us. We have already seen a tremendous amount of growth in our department since engaging with her.

Dominique is an extraordinary facilitator who knows how to engage participants to draw out deep insights, challenges, and aspirations. Throughout our process, she has provided guidance and support to our team, expertise in highly sensitive matters, and a nuanced, practical approach that has left everyone very inspired. I would wholeheartedly recommend Fictive Kin Equity Lab to any organization that is trying to work towards and more equitable and inclusive culture. – Heather Mercer, Manager of Zone Operations

“Our project needed an equity lead who also had strong research credentials, and experience working with youth and start-ups.

Dominique was instrumental in helping to design our equity research model and adapt it as we learned more from the racialized and equity seeking youth in the project. I highly recommend her as an advisor to DEI issues.” – Robert Barnard, Co-founder