DEI requires confidence, energy, creativity, and resilience.

These service packages will get you there.


Where does your story begin?

Stories are found in a lot of places, including policies, job descriptions, and playbooks. If you want DEI to be central to your company’s work, it needs to be in the centre of these documents.

What you get

An analysis of the “narrative” building blocks in your policies, etc. to help you understand how power and privilege function in your company, and what you should do about it.

This package is best for you if…

You’re ready to build on your company’s previous DEI training, and you know what “subtext” means. (Or will look it up right now if you don’t.)


Sometimes, what’s right is uncomfortable.

Go deep on your company’s existing DEI initiatives to find out what’s working, what’s not, what might work, and what will never work. This is how you’ll made your DEI work realistic, evidence-based, and sustainable.

What you get…

Customized research about DEI in your company, using unique “narrative indicators” to help you build and keep momentum.

This package is best for you if

You’re ready to learn from your previous DEI data, and you’re more interested in asking the right questions than in getting the right answers.


Part venting. Part strategy. All you.

Equity work can be exciting and rewarding. But…

It can also be tiring and occasionally thankless. Because I’ve “been there and done that”, I know you need a safe space to express your concerns, frustrations, and hopes. I will listen with empathy and intelligence to help you act with clarity and courage.

What you get

Confidential, 1:1 DEI support, including leadership journey-mapping, emergency calls, and just-in-time strategizing.

This package is best for you if

You are an experienced DEI leader who knows what “performative allyship” is. (And why it’s a problem.)

Doing – and enjoying – DEI requires a vast amount of intellectual and emotional labour.

Fictive Kin will help you stay sharp, keep safe, and get (even) better at what you do.

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