Get ready to see DEI in a new light.

Do you feel like something’s missing from your understanding of DEI? Do you find it hard to sustain your diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives? Then it’s time to get PRIMED.

What it is…

A distillation of my 20+ years of experience in equity work, delivered in a simple, digital format, twice a week. It contains a short explanation of a critical DEI concept, followed by questions for learning and reflection.

All the work can be completed in 30 minutes or less, and you can do it however you want: writing in a notebook, typing at a keyboard, recording your thoughts on your phone, etc.

Best for you if…

You’re an intrinsically motivated, self-directed learner; okay with being uncomfortable sometimes; willing to gift yourself the time to sit with the complexity of social justice; looking to shift your focus away from behavioural change towards systemic change.

more than a metric

A workshop on disaggregated data & DEI.

Starting September 2022. 

What it is…

More Than a Metric (MTM) is a small-group, cross-sectoral workshop on how to use disaggregated demographic data to move your company towards sustainable equity, inclusion, and justice.

It is a preview of the full MTM workshop, which will be available later this year. 

In just three hours, I will share my expertise in designing and using numerous disaggregated data tools over the past 15 years, and walk you through everything that (many) people get wrong.

(Sometimes dangerously so.)

Then I will show you how to get it right.  

Where “right” means applying a robust equity lens to your metrics so that you reduce harm, interrupt bias, and increase inclusion.

Best for you if…

Your company has:

  • set targets for “diversity” in your organization; and / or

  • used “Black” and “White” as categories of racial identity, without the appropriate preamble; and / or

  • put “Other” at the end of a checklist of identities, for people who don’t fit neatly into the available categories; and / or

  • collected a lot of “DEI data”, but still haven’t been able to use it to create the inclusive, equitable workplace you want.

Each session of the workshop will be limited to 8 people, so click the button below to join the waitlist now.