Are you committed to DEI – diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Have you built the foundation?

And now you have more questions than answers?

If you’ve said “Yes!”, then you’re ready to take a deep, thoughtful (and occasionally nerdy!) approach to DEI.

You’re ready for Fictive Kin.

When you change your company’s story, you change your company.

Fictive Kin Equity Lab is an inquiry-based consulting firm on a mission to help transform companies in ways that are more inclusive, humane, and just.

We start by looking at how your company’s story is embedded in your policies, culture, and approaches to diversity leadership.

The goal is to place DEI at the centre of that story, so that your efforts are sustained, your team is energized, and your impact is magnified.

For companies who have gone beyond the basics.

If you’ve been “doing the work” long before June 2020, you’ll get the most out of our flagship package, DiscoverEI.

Here’s what our clients are saying

“Dominique’s in-depth analysis of our practices gave us insights that have helped us take a thoughtful approach to how we can decolonize them, and take a more intentional approach to the language we use and the story we are telling the public.” – Chris Duff, Executive Interim Lead, Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity